The grain cleaning system refers to the phases of the post-harvest system during which the impurities mixed with the grains are removed. This operation, which may be accompanied by sorting of the products according to their quality, is essential before the storage, marketing or further processing of the products. It is also necessary as a preliminary operation to the artificial drying of the products in dryers.


Agro’s Rotary Drum Cleaner are designed to separate products such as barley, wheat, corn, oats, soybean and canola based on their size. Several sieves are available for different grain types.

The speed of the drum is electronically managed and the angle of inclination is also adjustable according to the grain. The operation requires little energy. Substance that are too big or small go through the system without causing any jams. The sieves are self-cleaning.


Air vacuum technology is better than the aspirator cleaners because of the screening action where the Nylon Tipped, Hanger-Bearing Auger moves the grain across a perforated tube, enclosed in a heavy metal hopper, which has a vacuum environment inside.

Broken Kernels, cracks, splits, fines and bee wings are screened here, drawn out, and blown away by the high-pressure blower. The fines are totally enclosed from air vacuum screener to the fine’s storage equipment. This helps keep the area around the dryer clean and free from blowing debris